Deep tissue massage targets the inner layers of your muscles, tendons, and fascia .Deep tissue massage is far more pressure.It can work for people with chronic pain conditions.specifically in the back, shoulder and neck areas.  This type of massage facilitates healing by releasing contracted areas of muscle and tissue. It can help increase blood flow to the soft tissues and may help to reduce inflammation.

Swedish massage is one of the most commonly offered massage techniques. It’s sometimes called a classic massage. The technique aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension.
Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension relief. Swedish massage may loosen up tight muscles caused by daily activities.
Through soft, long strokes and touches of effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotement, Increasing blood flow to critical areas .Swedish massage is very therapeutic and very relaxing.

Hot stone massage is a massage that uses smooth, flat, and heated rocks placed at key points on the body.Hot stone massage is the perfect modality to soothe, relax and de-stress on the massage table.The stones will warm your body and loosen your muscles to allow for a release of tension and stress without adding extra pressure. The feeling is both highly relaxing and therapeutic.Hot stone massage can be very beneficial for more than just loosening muscles. Many clients will benefit through an elevated mood and strengthened circulation that comes from the heat of the stones creating greater blood flow. Utilizing the hot stone techniques also can aid in relieving chronic aches and pains.

Reflexology is an ancient practice, its origin and history is difficult to track.Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. These reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them creates real benefits for the person’s health.Millions of people around the world use it to complement other treatments

If your muscles are tight or your joints have limited range of motion, consider incorporating stretching into your massage. When combined with massage, stretching can help your Massage Therapist work more effectively with less restriction. Regular assisted stretching increases flexibility, which improves mobility,
Stretching can off load your joints and lessen nerve irritation and excitability.Stretching increases blood supply throughout the body by increasing elasticity in muscles, joints and blood vessels. More circulation means more oxygen and nutrients.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy is unlock your knots.Trigger point massage therapy taps into the body’s internal web of muscles and tissues to unlock common chronic and injury-related pains caused by tension and stress. when tissues remain in a contracted state for long periods of time they can harden and create knots that massage therapists can melt knots .Trigger point therapy helps reduce pain, relieve tension and promote a better range of motion. It’s a great tool for many to unlock an area, but it’s also great to increase circulation and help muscles regain full function.Receiving massage with trigger point therapy on a regular basis can help naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.

Special cups are placed on the skin, usually along the back, in a way that causes strong suction and pulls skin slightly into the cup. This greatly decompresses the muscles and connective tissue, and through this pulling motion, blood flow increases to the cupped area. This enforces circulation, which always encourages the body’s natural healing processes. When the cups are removed, the patient is left with circular marks that disappear between 1-10 days, as inflammation leaves the body.
Cupping is used for sore muscles, to decrease general swelling, chronic muscle or joint pain, or simply as a relaxation method. By exciting the small nerves in the targeted muscles, Cupping encourages the body to release its natural pain relief chemicals, also known as endorphins. Cupping is it one of the oldest and most effective methods for relieving tension, but it’s known for how well it aids the body in flushing out toxins from body tissue and organs.

Tibetan Massage is very similar to many other Eastern and Western modalities, including Acupressure, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Swedish, Reiki, Thai, Indian, and Chinese Tradition Tuina,Tibetan Massage takes a holistic approach to massage by viewing the body as not just physical, but energetic and spiritual as well. Tibetan combines the essence of other Eastern and Western massages . It puts pressure on the muscles while stretching. Avoid simple pressure and simple stretching .Those who have experienced Tibetan Massage report a number of benefits for general health and well being, such as better sleep, more energy, and an elevated mood. This is our signature massage.

Prenatal Massage is a nurturing massage that focuses on the special needs of mothers-to-be during pregnancy. Reduces or eliminates pain of the low back, neck & shoulders, legs and swollen ankles. Positioning, pillows are used to enhance support, Decrease pressure and increase relaxation for both body and mind. You’ll comfort as a full body session vanquishing stress, anxiety, and tiredness. leaving you feeling balanced and energized. (Restrictions:Post 16 weeks)

We use special tools to massage your body in the direction of your blood and lymph flow , More effects are placed on the acupuncture points and meridians of the body. Dredge meridian ,remove toxins, reduce muscle soreness , relax your body and promote blood circulation to increase your overall sense of well-being.